Human Rights
at the core of prosperous societies
The respect for Human Rights undoubtedly is one of the most prominent issues in developing countries. This section intends to offer insight into some of the problems, in the developing world and at the international level.
Articles and Papers

» International Sanctions and Human Rights
A paper on the responsibility of international organisations for the effect on human rights of the sanctions they authorize.

» ASEAN and Human Rights
An analysis of the prospects of implementing a regional mechanism for the promotion and protection of human rights in Southeast Asia.

» Litigation, Transnational Civil Society and the Protection of Human Rights
An evaluation of litigation as a tool for Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Groups aiming to protect Human Rights.

» Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples within the Human Rights Context
A paper on the importance of the right of self-determination in international law

» The Symmetry of Rights and Duties
A critical analysis of human rights discourse, and a practical formula for its reformulation based on an examination of legal cultures

» Terrorism as a Public Emergency and its Impact on Human Rights
A paper on how international law copes with the impact of anti-terrorism measures on human rights

» Twice Oppressed
Third World Women and the Prospects for Multi-Cultural Feminism

» The Right to Health
A practical analysis of the right to health as a strong collaboration between health and human rights and its place in numerous international human rights treaties.

» Children and the Right to Water
A short briefing paper on the practical issues evolving from the Right to Water for Children

» The Accountability of Non-State Actors for Human Rights Violations
A framework of analysis for understanding the relationship between transnational corporations - as one of the central actors of the economic globalisation - and the international system of human rights protection.