Conflict and Justice
threats and opportunities for economic development
Conflicts are typical situations for the application of international law. However, here it often seems to have the lowest standing. This section intends to raise legal issues of conflicts and justice, in and beyond the developing world.
Articles and Papers

» Hybrid Courts remain promising
A paper about hybrid courts as an alternative to overcome the legitimacy problems of both national and international tribunals.

» State Responsibility under International Law
A paper on the responsibility of states as opposed to individuals for the crimes committed in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

» Forgotten Victims and the Scales of International Criminal Justice
A paper about the role of witnesses in the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and how their treatment reflects on international justice.

» Armed Conflict and Women's Rights
A paper investigating the violation of women's rights in armed conflict as a prominent proportion of human rights violations

» Restorative Justice following Mass Atrocity
This paper explores the meaning of retributive and restorative approaches to criminal justice and then applies them to the gacaca system in Rwanda.

» Mediating International Crises
This paper investigates mediation as one specific form of pacific settlement of international disputes, especially in the context of international crises.